Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Why is crime going down?

I know this is a blog about cards but I just had to add a bit about why, against the odds, crime rates are going down.

It seems a combination of the following mean that all crime, but especially low level crime is going down, despite the recession

  • ASBO's and crackdowns on anti-social behaviour but the police and authorities really work
  • Things are harder to vandalize
  • smartphones have reduce boredom for kids
  • Young people can sound off on facebook or twitter about things that wind them up
  • young people are drinking less
  • removing lead from petrol makes people less aggressive
What ever the reason, I'm glad to hear it - a bit of good news amongst all the doom and gloom, I'm sure its not much consolation to those who are still the victims of crime, but at least less people are being affected!

Perhaps the increase in crafting and hand-made items helps, after all we all know it is a great stress buster - I recommend giving all young offenders knitting lessons!


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