Thursday, 29 January 2015

Raising a bit for charity

I am glad to say that I have been able to raise £100 for the Blue Cross charity by selling my birthday and Christmas cards to friends at work

One of the 50 challenges I set myself when I turned 50 in August was to raise some money to build a new re-homing centre for the Blue Cross in Suffolk.

I regularly make cards to raise funds for the Hospice and cancer care and thought it was time to support another local charity. 2 of my cats  Millie and Moxxi came from the Blue Cross as kittens. 

There was an article in the local newspaper about how difficult it was to find homes for black cats - so we welcomed this pair into our home. Despite them coming from the same litter, they are so different in both size and personality!

Moxxi is a long, skinny cat who is friendly, out-going and a bit of a hunter, whilst Millie is a short, fat furball who never ventures further than the bottom of the garden!

Here's a post about them when they were little kittens.


  1. Well done on your charity work:-)
    Your cats are so beautiful >^-^<

  2. Well done with selling your cards for the cats charity!
    Love your cats as well.

  3. Wow, that is one of the longest cats I've ever seen!!
    Well done on the sales as well!

  4. A wonderful achievement and lovely photographs :o)
    Jasckie xx

  5. Well done rising monies for the Blue cross here in Alfie (the black and white one) came from the branch in Felixstowe...went in to give a some monies and gave out with Alfie!.....Joolsx

    1. My two cats came from Felixstowe too!

  6. Well done for raising the money for such a good cause. I am not surprised your cards are gorgeous. Have a great weekend. Hugs Jackie

  7. Fabulous work "well done " , lovely pictures of your cats, the first pic reminds me of my black cat i had years ago

    Lorna xx

  8. Oh we'll done you for devoting your time and kindness

  9. Well done on raising so much money for charity. And you have got two lovely 'furballs'.
    Heike xx

  10. Well done, so good to see an animal charity being supported too. I use to do cards for my local animal concern

  11. Congratulations on your fund raising, its a lovely goal to have achieved x

  12. Congratulations and your cats are gorgeous. I love Black cats at the moment we have 1 Black, 2 Black & white, 1 Tabby and a ginger tom. Just hopping by. Lizzie