Friday, 4 February 2011

It's just not right!

We've all had this problem - the card that just won't go together! I know this looks awful and tried so many different ways to put it together - none of which looked right

I got fed up in the end and stuck it down thinking it might look better later - but it doesn't! I will just have to keep it as an example of what not to do.

Also my hubby tripped and fell against the china cabinet smashing most of my Swarovski cystal collection, Christmas and birthday presents for the last 15 years! I will have to claim on insurance but most of them are now discontinued pieces.


  1. Hi! I beg to differ, I love this card! But, I betcha you don't love your DH right now. Still, looking on the bright side he's OK (I hope) - and people matter most in life. Mind you, my OH would be tippy toe-ing round if he'd done that....once his broken kneecaps mended! Try E-bay - you never know! Di x

  2. Hi Alizabethy, These are the in colors for Spring that I just saw in Kansas City Missouri a several craft stores.
    I did get your cute card and love it. Are you familiar with were trying to get Former Fellow Craftrakkers to continue our great group there. Would love to hear from you, Take care, MaryE / KSsunflower.

  3. Love the colours.
    Congrats, looks like you made top 5 with the recycled jeans, well done x
    jen x

  4. hi there, gorgeous sweet adorable card.

  5. ho ricevuto ieri il tuo pacchetto se passi dal mio blog si parla di te .. grazie di tutto rosa.kreattiva