Sunday, 1 November 2015

inspiration interrogation

I've decided to join in with Scrapthology's interrogation for a bit of fun, it's always interesting to find out a bit more about you crafting bloggers!

1. What's the oldest item of clothing in your wardrobe that you still wear? And how old is it?

Well, I did wear the ra-ra dress I got engaged in 1982 at a 1980's themed party a couple of years ago, but only because it had a very elastic waist! I do dig out my grey faux fur hat out this time, every year for the cold weather, it was a Christmas present from my sister from at least 15 years ago.

2. What's the last film you saw at the cinema? And when?
Jurassic World - which made me jump, even though the story line was pretty much the same as the last ones. I'm really looking forward to the new Star Wars film.

3. What was your favourite childhood meal?

Its got to be Macaroni Cheese, you can't beat it with a couple of rashers of bacon.

4. What TV show have you watched more than any other?

Easy, Doctor Who! I'm a massive fan and always have been.  I was probably conceived about the time the first show was aired in 1963 (the same day that JFK was shot!). Christmas Day isn't the same without the Doctor Who special to look forward to.

5. Halloween Humbug or Fright Fan?

Fright fan - just love dishing out the sweets to the local kids, I made up 35 goodie bags and still ran out this year!


  1. Hi your card is amazing. I have enjoyed reading about you. I have been a Dr Who fan for a long time I do remember watching William Hartnell from behind the sofa. Hugs Jackie

  2. Fabulous Wellington Boot card, love it. Reading your answers to the questions takes me back - I had a Ra Ra Skirt which was my favourite item of clothing back then (had forgotten all about it until I read this) x

  3. Fabulous wellies, love the colours :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. WOW I thought they were real wellies you had decorated. Love the card :-)

    1. A cardi I knitted @ 30 years ago! I love it - all chunky and warm though a bit bedraggled now lol.

    2. It's soooo long since I went to the cinema - probably back in the 80's - no idea what I saw either lol.

    3. Eggy soldiers :-)

    4.Has to be Casualty. Never missed an episode.

    5. Deffo a humbug ;-#

  5. Thanks for joining in and great to learn a little more about you Alizabethy. I was a huge Dr Who fan as a kid and I've recently returned to the fold. Good luck in the draw. X

  6. The welly boots card is great and I love what you did to your converses.