Friday, 4 August 2017

Rediscovering Gilding Wax

I bought 3 pots of gilding wax a couple of years ago at a Papercraft fair, but apart from decorating some wooden shapes, have never used then and they languished at the back of the shelf

I then spotted someone demonstrating using them on a piece of embossed black card, whilst flicking through the crafting channels on TV, and was impressed with the effect they had! I dug mine out and had a play.

The 3 colours I have are lavender, teal and spring green - but now I am very temped to get silver and gold in time for the Christmas makes.


  1. I love this technique :) Number 2 is my favourite :D So cool :)

    Happy crafting!

  2. Oooooh these are wonderful! I don't have any of those flakes but I love the effect you've created. Shabneez x

  3. Hi Alizabethy ... just love your cards ... love that effect ... I actually uploaded a card I have made using the gilding wax I bought at a craft show ... love the effect ... hope you are having a great weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  4. Gorgeous cards, gilding wax on black is always so effective. Love the colours you have, i just have silver and gold. Emma

  5. These cards look fabulous, love the effect you get with the gilding wax x