Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cat Number 3

No time to make cards this week as we have a new addition to our household - Jinny!

She is 6 or 7 months old and we have adopted her from Suffolk Animal Rescue after her previous owner died.

She is lively, friendly and very inquisitive.

Our other two cats are getting used to her - but Jinny is quite feisty and will hiss and bat them if they get too close.


  1. What a wonderful addition to your family she is beautiful. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hello Jinny, looks like you have settled in.

  3. What a beautiful cat and I am so pleased she has a new forever home x

  4. what a little cutie ... hope they all settle in together and stop that hissing lol ... thank you for visiting my blog hope all is well ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  5. She is really gorgeous. I do love cats ❤ Cathy x