Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Photos of our New Kitten

These are the cute, adorable kittens we have just adopted from the Blue Cross - our local branch is current full up with black kittens and cats and put out an appeal for help - and who could resist these! They are an 11 week old brother and sister originally called Grace and Gordon but now named Millie and Moxxi by the kids (don't ask why!)

Moxxi, the boy, has the white paws and bib and is already proving to be bold, adventurous and cheeky!

Millie is completely black and very petite. She is a bit more refined and cautious, but loves sitting on your lap and being stroked.

Tomorrow we introduce them to our existing cat - not sure how he will react as he is very timid and shy as he was a rescue cat - but we will make sure he gets lots of fuss and cuddles too!


  1. oooh loveley! they look like fluffy fun with razor sharpe claws. have a wonderful time.EE

  2. aaaaahhhhhh how cute is he...gorgeous kitten
    Mina xxx