Saturday, 12 March 2011

Happy 50th Birthday Robert

My Brother will be 50 on Wednesday - that must mean that I am heading in that direction, surely not!

Mind you with all the changes to pensions, it doesn't look like I will be able to retire until I'm 70, so I suppose being in your 40's is still relatively young.

I'm going to do an 8 mile midnight walk soon to raise funds for my local hospice, St Elizabeth's and planned to do a bit a walking this weekend but have come down with a bit of a cold. Going to dose up on echinacea and see if I can shake it off quickly.


  1. Hi Alizabethy, hope you are feeling a bit better by now. This is a great birthday card for your brother. As I'm already retired I can only sympathise with your generation as you may well have to go on working much longer than mine has. But I did go on working almost 3 years longer than I needed and it was only ill health that stopped me - I loved my work so much :) You may find that you feel the same way when you do reach your sixties and, yes, your still young in your forties - I really enjoyed that period and loved my fifties and, come to think of it, ill health aside, I'm loving my sixties - hope you find that reassuring! Elizabeth x

  2. Good luck with the walk. Kathleen x